WATCH: Florida Burger King Manager Berated by Racist Customers for Speaking Spanish

It was just 24 hours ago that an angry little man flexed his Napolean complex at a Bagel Boss in New York. Now, we have a pair of racist customers inside of a Burger King in Florida. Unfortunately for the two racist ladies who decided to complain about overhearing Spanish, the man they decided to berate was the manager of the restaurant.

The video first surfaced on Facebook.

“This just happened right in front of me!!!” Facebook user Neyzha Nicole wrote. “I had to record!!! ‘This is AMERICA! we speak ENGLISH’ ‘GO BACK TO MEXICO. Speak ‘Puerto Rican’ or ‘Mexican’ at home!’ Puerto Rican Manager at Burger King gets discriminated only because he spoke to his employee in Spanish in front of them. #burgerking #discrimination.”

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: “Puerto Rican” and “Mexican” are not languages. Oh, and Puerto Ricans are Americans, so it’s their country, too.

Anyway, manager Ricardo Castillo was not here for the nonsense so he decided to stand up for himself and ended up kicking the women out of the restaurant. The women attempted to say they would leave after finishing their meals, but Castillo said he would call the authorities if they did not remove themselves.

“Guess what ma’am? I’m not Mexican,” said Castillo. “You’re being prejudiced and I want you out of my restaurant right now.”

The owner of the location, Guillermo Perales, also commented on the incident. Perales is the founder and CEO of Sun Holdings which operates more than 293 Burger King locations.

“My client is very disappointed that customers would make racially and insensitive attacks on people who work there who have been trained to serve the customers,” Perales’ lawyer, Robert Zarco, told NBC.

Now the internet needs a name for the racist customers: Burger King Bettys, perhaps? BK KKustomers? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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