WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Goes Undercover, Convinces Strangers They're High

Matthew McConaughey is set to star in the comedy film The Beach Bum which premieres on Friday, March 29. Ahead of the film’s release, the star actor joined forces with Jimmy Kimmel for a hilarious segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
McConaughey went undercover as “Moondog” for Kimmel’s “Highwitness News” segment with the task of convincing strangers on the street that they were high.
In the video, McConaughey was able to convince his unsuspecting marks that they were eating food infused with some miraculous fast-acting THC. Of course, since the placebo effect is a real and powerful thing, the marks ate it up like suckers and were claiming to feel high within seconds.
You can check out the bit below.

Matthew McConaughey was here last night with Snoop Dogg promoting their new movie “The Beach Bum.” In the movie Matthew plays a guy named “Moondog” who, among other things, is a marijuana enthusiast. So we sent Matthew (dressed as Moondog) out onto Hollywood Boulevard to offer people a variety of cannabis-infused food items which were really just regular food items. There was no marijuana in them at all but did that stop people from pretending to be dazed and confused?

If you want to catch McConaughey in The Beach Bum, be sure to head to a theater near you beginning today. The film synopsis reads: “Moondog is a fun-loving, pot-smoking, beer-drinking writer who lives life on his own terms in Florida. If he can put down the drugs for just one minute, he may finally be able to put his talent to good use and finish the next great American novel.”

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