A Drunk Dave Chappelle Called Daniel Caesar Gay On John Mayer's Instagram Show

While appearing on John Mayer’s Sunday night Instagram live show ‘Current Mood’, iconic comedian Dave Chappelle — who had a few drinks and admitted to being drunk and high (which, to be fair, is something he admits all the time) — called independent artist Daniel Caesar “gay” — who also said he was drunk.
As John Mayer, who hosts the weekly millennial talk show, was introducing Caesar as his musical guest, Chappelle blurts out that the 23-year-old Canadian artist is “very gay.”
Caesar, who didn’t appreciate the comment at first and called Chappelle out for it, eventually softened his stance and said he was being ‘sensitive’, which was probably much appreciated by Mayer, who was desperately trying to put out the political correctness fire started by his two supremely talented guests.
To his credit, Chappelle apologized profusely and the two hugged it out shortly thereafter, as Caesar — who likely revered Chappelle growing up (as we all did) — seemed to genuinely forgive the legendary comedian.

The whole scene was generally awkward and ultimately inconsequential, as Caesar seemed to come around and Chappelle seemed to be apologetic. However, it was yet another instance of the now old school comedian putting himself in controversial situations with his comedy.
Now we know why Chappelle locks up audience members’ cell phones at his live shows.

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