Here’s Dave Chappelle’s First Stand Up Act, Where He Asks Why Batman Doesn’t Fight Crime In The Hood

Dave Chappelle has been everywhere this week, and rightfully so. He absolutely crushed SNL and reminded all of us why we fell in love with him over a decade ago. So naturally, everyone is trying to get their hands on as much Dave Chappelle as they can.

Here we have Dave Chappelle’s first major appearance on national television on some show called Star Search, allllll the way back in 1993 (the greatest year ever, shout out ’93). As Dave says in the act, he’d previously appeared on BET but that of course, no one was watching.

Fun fact: Chappelle appeared on Star Search 3 times, and lost every single time. Obviously, the judges or voters or whatever were completely unqualified, because today, Dave Chappelle is considered one of, if not the, greatest living comedian.

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