WATCH: Minivan Hilariously Avoids Police During Low-Speed Chase

O.J. Simpson and his white Ford Bronco have the most famous low-speed police chase in American history. However, that police chase lacked the cleverness of a now viral video showing a minivan avoiding police.
In a January 15 incident in Texas, a minivan was captured on video using some innovation to duck police officers.
The driver of the minivan began making laps through a parking lot before police attempted to block the entrance. Unfortunately for officers, there was another exit and the driver took the opportunity to bolt for the highway.
Of course, another officer was nearby and was able to continue the pursuit of the suspect.
Check out the video here, via the New York Post:
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A driver in Garland, Texas, watched as a minivan slowly used a parking lot to lose a cop who was chasing him. Fortunately, another police car was nearby and was able to immediately pick up the pursuit.

According to a report from Sputnik News, once the driver was apprehended it was revealed that he had a “machete-like weapon” strapped to his chest and he told police officers that he was “God.”

Police said the chase started in Garland when the driver, later identified as 47-year-old Stoffon Lorains Cooper, fled from a routine traffic stop around 3 p.m. Garland police pulled Cooper over for going 40 mph in a school zone. He stopped the van, got out and started to yell at the officer before he continued to flee, according to police. Police said Cooper told the officer who pulled him over that he was “God.”

The man was arrested and charged with evading arrest. He also faced charges from outstanding warrants.
The incident initially began when the suspect, 47-year-old Stoffon Lorains Cooper, was speeding through a school zone.

Mark Allen Bartlett: Photos, Full Story & Must-See Details
Mark Allen Bartlett: Photos, Full Story & Must-See Details
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