Shocking Jail Attack Going Viral Almost Two Years After It Happened

Video of Greg Reinke — a prisoner serving a life sentence for murder at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility — attacking four helpless inmates with a knife is going viral, almost two years after the incident happened.
The shocking video, which was recorded at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville in June 2017, show Reinke attacking four African American inmates who are handcuffed to a table.

In the video, inmate Greg Reinke — who was already serving a life sentence for murder — is seen stabbing Pugh and three other prisoner inmates multiple times, only stopping once one of the inmates broke free and began to fight back.
In the attack, Reinke used a homemade 7-inch shank. The prison report following the incident states that Reinke said he “just felt like killing someone.” All four victims survived the attack.
At this time, police investigators say they have yet to establish a motive. Additionally, they said there is no evidence of the attack being racially motivated
Shamieke Pugh, a 28-year-old who was one of the four inmates seen in the attack, believes that the attack was facilitated by prison guards. The Ohio prison system and the guards’ union have since denied Pugh’s allegations.
While authorities originally decided not to prosecute Reinke for the June 2017 attack as he was already serving a life sentence for murder, newly-elected Scioto County prosecutor Shane Tieman eventually charged Reinke after he unleashed a second attack just over 8 months later.
Reinke has pleaded not guilty to both attacks.

That is all the information about this story that is available at this time. This article will be updated with new and relevant facts and information should they become available.
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