Kentucky Mother Sunita Jairam Drove Drunk To 'Teach Her Son A Lesson'

Sunita Jairam won’t be winning any Mother of the Year awards anytime soon. The 48-year-old mother from Kentucky found herself in trouble with the law after she made a boneheaded decision and had an even worse explanation for her actions.
Jairam was pulled over and booked in the Fayette County Detention Center after taking her car for a joyride with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.
According to a report from the Lexington Herald-Leader, Jairam had a blood alcohol level of .161. She also told authorities that she had been driving over 150 mph. The worst part of it all? Jairam was in the vehicle with her son and told police that she decided to drive drunk after a full day of drinking to teach her son a lesson.
The incident occurred at 12:51 a.m. on Sunday, January 13, according to the arrest citation.
From WKYT:

According to her arrest citation, 48-year-old Sunita Jairam told police she “drank a lot of beer and got in her car to drive to teach her son a lesson.” She also claimed to have driven at 150 mph while the child was in the car. Officers say Jairam smelled of alcohol and was slurring her speech. Jairam also reportedly told investigators that she had been drinking all day. The citation says Jairam’s son told police he had tried to get out of the car several times because of his mother’s driving, but was unable to because the door was locked.

Perhaps the lesson was “what not to do”?
Jairam, who reportedly works as a registered nurse at Baptist Health, was arrested on charges of drunken driving and endangering the welfare of a minor. She had previous offenses for public intoxication and speeding.

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