The 10 Highest BACs Ever Recorded

Your drunkest night pales in comparison to these ten people who’ve registered the highest BAC levels ever recorded–a fact you should be happy about. Just think of the headaches that go along with not only the hangover, but the legal complications that can ensue when you’re that intoxicated.

Before we get to the legendary drunks, let’s quickly go over what exactly constitutes your BAC so that you can understand exactly how wasted these people are.

• Here in the USA, we use BAC as a metric of alcohol concentration. It is expressed as a percentage of alcohol in a person’s blood.

ExampleSince the legal limit for driving is .08%, the amount of booze in your bloodstream must be .08% (or less) of your blood for you to legally get behind the wheel.

• Many people incorrectly believe that a BAC of .08% means that 8% of your blood is alcohol. That would be f*cking insane.

• A BAC of .40% means a possibility of death.

I also want to note that the ten people we’ve listed below are the ten drunkest people on record who lived to tell the tale. This post does not include stories like the Taiwanese woman who soaked herself in a tub of ethanol and died because stories like that are just plain sad.

We’ve also done our best to accompany each story with a reputable source. So without further ado, here are the ten drunkest people on record.

#10: Marguerite Engle (USA)

BAC: 0.708 % | Source

Story: For a brief moment in history, Marguerite Engle seemed like she wanted to go to jail very badly. How else can you describe being found passed out behind the wheel of a stolen delivery van with a BAC of .708%?
Upon being arrested, she was taken to jail, released on bond, and sent to the hospital for treatment. Marguerite failed to appear in court and was actually found drunk in a ditch behind the wheel of another stolen car. For good reason, she was held without bond for the second offense. A year later she was sent to jail for 18 months, plus two years of probation for two counts of drunken-driving.

#9: Terri Comer (USA)

BAC: 0.72% | Source

Story: Terri Comer has the dishonor of blowing the highest BAC ever recorded by a driver in American history. Not a good look.

Terri was found comatose behind the wheel of a car that had veered off the road and into a snowbank. The engine was still running. If she had only made it fifty more feet, she would have crashed into a sign reading, “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

And before you start commenting about how sober she actually seems in the photo above, don’t. It’s from a previous arrest where she blew a .3%.

#8: Vidmantas Sungaila (Lithuania)

BAC: 0.84% | Source

Story: 41-year-old Vidmantas Sungaila thought it’d be a good idea to “freshen up” by drinking a pint of beer after a big night out before driving his truck down the center of a two-lane highway. The police thought otherwise.

Cops slapped him with a $1,100 fine and a suspension of his license that lasted for up to three years. Despite the bad news, Vidmantas was apparently of “high spirits [unintentional pun] and grinning the whole time he was questioned.”

#7: Eric Kelly (USA)

BAC: 0.90% | Source

Story: Eric Kelly puts all drunken college stories to shame because from what we can tell, Eric has the distinction (?) of having the highest-recorded BAC of any American male college student.

Eric, an undergraduate student of Lock Haven, was found by the police presumably stumbling on Bellefonte Avenue. When the administered a breathalyzer test, they were astounded to see that he had registered a BAC of .90%. He was charged with public drunkenness.

BTW: Eric Kelly, wherever you are, nice job scrubbing the internet of your name. Other than the actual story on various forums, I cannot find any information on you. Well done.

#6: 67-Year-Old Pyotr Petrov (Bulgaria)

BAC: 0.914% | Source

Story: Normally when you hear the words “crushed by a truck,” things don’t wind up so hot for the victim.

Pyotr Petrov isn’t normal, though–this 67-year-old Bulgarian man is capable of getting absolutely piss-drunk. So when he got hit by a massive truck, he impressed doctors by not only living to tell the tale, blood tests showed that he would have blown the equivalent of a .914% with a little more than 9 g/mL of booze in his blood.

#5: French Man

BAC: .976% | Source

Story: Back in 2005, a Frenchman with no previous drunk driving history was found in a ditch.

Thankfully, he was alive. When the gendarmes first tried testing his BAC, they thought there must have been something wrong when the results that came back read “.976%.” They ran the test again at a different lab but got the same result. Thus began this man’s troubles.

In addition to being sent to jail for eight months and having his license suspended for three years, the 37-year-old man had to pay a fine of 130 Euros. Then he had to deal with what must have been a very painful hangover.

#4: Homeless Man (Poland)

BAC: 1.024% | Source

Story: Polish winters are freezing, so we can’t really blame unfortunate homeless people who find themselves spending their nights outside for taking to the bottle. One man in particular must have been having a particularly rough go of it because when policemen found him sleeping at a bus depot in 2012, they found that he had a BAC of 1.024%, or 10.24 g/mL of liquor in his blood.

Keep in mind that half a liter of vodka will represent about 2g of liquor. So this guy had consumed the equivalent of five bottles of swill.

#3: Man Hit By Car (Poland)

BAC: 1.23% | Source

Story: A 45-year-old Polish man was walking home on the road when he was hit by a sober driver. He was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that not only did he have a broken leg and a head injury, he was found to have 12.3 grams/mL of liquor in his blood. That’s a whopping 1.23% if you convert it into BAC.

On his first day in the hospital, the man wasn’t able to answer any questions about where he was drinking or even if he was hit by a car, but after the second day he was able to get himself home.

#2: UCLA Woman (USA)

BAC: 1.33% | Source

Story: The highest-ever recorded BAC for an American goes to a 24-year-old woman who was admitted to UCLA hospital in 1982. According to the stories we’ve read, the Los Angeles woman checked herself into the hospital and was miraculously “alert and capable of oriented of both person and place.”

#1: Sheep Thief (South Africa)

BAC: 1.41% | Source

Story: Of course the award for “Highest-Ever Recorded BAC for Someone Who Lived” goes to a sheep thief in South Africa. A story can’t get more country than that. According to the papers, the man was arrested driving a Mercedes-Benz Vito with a woman, five boys, and 15 sheep that had been stolen from various local farms.

He was 32 times over the legal limit.

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