New Mexico Principal Arrested For Assaulting Her Fiancé

Annittra Atler, a 46-year-old special education principal and former beauty queen contestant, was arrested and charged after she allegedly assaulted her fiancé during an argument about her son watching pornography on her work computer.
According to New Mexico authorities, Atler, an Albuquerque resident, was charged with two counts of battery and domestic violence after she allegedly assaulted her fiancé Patrick Ficke.
Ficke reportedly told police that “beat [him] up” and left an abrasion on his left forearm after learning that her son, Shawn, was watching porn on her official work computer. According to APS policy, an employee will either be disciplined or terminated if sexually explicit content is found on their work computer.
Atler was arrested at her home on Sunday, January 6, and taken to the Bernalillo Metropolitan Detention Center, where she was charged and later released. She has been a Special Education Principal in the Albuquerque Public Schools since July 2017.
via New York Post:

Ficke told officers that the assault took place in the couple’s bedroom, near a small dog crate, adding that he was possibly hurt as he fell to the floor. The altercation ended when Ficke fell, he said, and his son, Aiden, witnessed the entire attack, according to the complaint. Ficke then called his son’s mother to ask her to pick him up from the home.
Atler, meanwhile, told responding officers that she and Ficke drank wine during dinner and then got into an argument when Ficke found porn on her work computer that her son had just been using. But Atler denied the dispute ever got physical, police said.
The mother of Ficke’s son — who was identified by police as Veronica Lewandowski — later told police that Ficke called her earlier to say that he had been assaulted by Atler and that she should come pick up their son.
“She then went to their residence and picked up Aiden,” the complaint continued. “Veronica told me that Aiden said he saw Annittra hitting his dad. Aiden was also in the room and tried to intervene when Annittra slapped him with her left hand across his right cheek.”

In addition to being the Special Education Principal at Albuquerque Public Schools, Atler is also a former beauty queen who won the national Ms. Woman United States pageant in 2015.
At this time, Atler is on administrative leave for her job pending an investigation, according to Albuquerque Public School spokeswoman Monica Armenta.

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