Two North Carolina Kidnap And Grope A Transgender Woman

In North Carolina, Jessica Leeann Fowler, 31, and Amber Nicole Harrell have been charged for allegedly groping a transgender woman inside a bar bathroom. According to the police, they grabbed at her abdomen and lower genitals while asking if she had a penis.
The incident took place at Milk Bar in Raleigh’s Glenwood South section on December 9th. The police were called the following day by a friend of the transgender woman. The caller informed the police of what occurred during the incident.

What Happened?

According to the New York Post, Fowler and Harrell struck up a conversation with the victim inside the bathroom. The conversation appeared friendly until one woman began to grab at the victim’s genitals and asked if the transgender woman had a penis. It is unclear whether it was Fowler or Harrell who initially grabbed the victim, but the action prompted the other to also engage in the same terrible act.
The other woman laughed at the friend’s unwarranted actions and proceeded to pull up her shirt and asked if the victim would like to see her breasts. According to the 911 call, one of the women also groped at the victim’s backside.
The victim asked the women a number of times to leave her alone, but they persisted in their unwanted touches and advances.
Fowler and Harrell followed the transgender woman out of the bathroom when the victim found an opportunity to escape. They continued to ignore the protests of the victim. The situation also caught the bartender’s attention, he prompted the women repeatedly to cease their harassment, but he was also disregarded.
Fowler and Harrell have surrendered to the police. Jail records show Fowler and Harrell are facing charges of second-degree kidnapping and sexual battery.

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