7-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 Because He Didn't Like His Christmas Gift

Kids say and do the darndest things. Over the holidays, we are often reminded of this with some hilarious and adorable stories that go viral on social media. This time around, a seven-year-old boy is a culprit after making an emergency phone call.
After opening his gifts early Christmas morning, the boy made a phone call to 911 because he wasn’t happy about the snow pants Santa left him under the tree.
Sargeant Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police joked that the boy has been “added to the naughty list” for next year while sharing the news in a social media post.
“A 7-year-old just got added to the naughty list after calling 911 to tell the [Ontario Provincial Police] that the snow pants he received for Christmas were not appreciated,” Sgt. Schmidt posted on Twitter.

There were no police dispatched to the scene, for obvious reasons.
But while the story is fun and cute, Sgt. Schmidt did use the “#KnowWhenToCall” hashtag and later urged parents to teach their children about the impact making a false emergency call can have.
“Parents or caregivers need to make sure their children understand the consequences of calling 911 and what constitutes an emergency,” Schmidt said, via CTVNews.ca.
“Kids need to realize that calling 911 is critical and serious. We don’t want to waste resources going after calls that aren’t an emergency.”
Lesson learned.
And for the parents out there, maybe the lesson here is that if you plan on gifting some snow pants that you shouldn’t wrap them up and say they are from Santa. Just let your little kids be warm and play in the snow.

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