WATCH: 6-Year-Old Gets Busted Cheating On Homework With Amazon Echo

When it is time to do your homework, you may look for any shortcut possible. This little 6-year-old is ahead of the curve. After his mother, 24-year-old New Jersey native Yerelyn Cueva posted a video on social media, it was immediately a viral sensation because it is equal part cute and equal part brilliant.
In the video, Yerelyn’s son, Jariel, can be seen doing his homework in the kitchen.
The little guy is working on some simple subtraction, but he wasn’t trying to overthink things and he found the best way to finish his work and get to play time quickly: the family’s Amazon Echo.
Young Jariel simply looked down at his paper, over to the Echo, and asked Alexa a question: “Alexa, what’s 5 minus 3?” That’s when Yerelyn came into the room and busted her resourceful genius.
“It was just any regular day of doing homework,” Yerelyn told the New York Post. “I’m in the living room, and I overheard him asking Alexa some math problems, and I could not believe it! What you don’t see is after he says, ‘Thank you, Alexa, for helping me with my homework.’”
Check out the video that is soon-to-be flooding your Facebook timeline below.

Way to go. Work hard, not smart, my G. That is innovation and using your resources at its finest. Take a bow, young legend. And to all of you college kids out there, don’t get any ideas… or should you?

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