Woman Tries On New Shoes, Flirts With Death

A hilarious viral video that has made the rounds on the internet this week has people wondering how this woman survived this trip to an Adam & Eve shoe store with her ankles intact.

In a video uploaded to Facebook on Monday, December 17, Tziyah Fisher is seen strutting around a regular looking shoe store with an eccentric, bright pair of 12+ inch heels on.

That strut doesn’t last for long, though, as Fisher quickly becomes a victim of the heels, as she’s slowly brought to the ground one leg at a time in gut-busting fashion.

“So today was my first time going into Adam & Eve and also the first time I got kicked out of Adam & Eve,” Fisher captioned the video on Facebook.

The hilarious moment prompted a huge reaction on social media, with One Twitter user saying: “How she manage to break her toes, ankles, hip, fingers, elbows and her neck all in one move?”

Another social media user said: “She fell like jenga pieces, I can’t.” A Facebook user commented, “Somebody get me an oxygen mask.”

“I can’t stop watching stop watching this,” chimed in another.

While it’s not clear whether or not Fisher bought the shoes, we have a feeling that she’s just glad to be leaving the store with her ankles in one piece.

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