Homeless Couple Breaks Into Home, Brews Some Coffee & Take A Shower Before Getting Caught

Camri Cantwell and Richard Nippell have been identified as the Ohio couple who have been accused of burglarizing a Uniontown home and doing their laundry, taking a shower, and making a pot of coffee in the process.

According to reports, on Monday, December 24, while Cantwell, 20, and Nippell, 38, were burglarizing the Uniontown home, they did their laundry, took a shower and made a pot of coffee before they were eventually stopped by the homeowner’s relative at gunpoint.

When police officers arrived on the scene around 2 p.m. at the home in the 11000 block of Cleveland Avenue in Uniontown, Ohio, they found Cantwell and Nippell lying on the ground of the garage at gunpoint.

Additionally, police said that Nippell had around 0.7 grams of crystal meth on him at the time of his arrest.

Both were arrested and charged with burglary, while Nippell was additionally charged with aggravated drug possession.

via CantonRep:

Richard R. Nippell, 38, of the 1900 block of Amarillo Street NW in Plain Township, and Camri D. Cantwell, 20, who is listed in Stark County Jail records as homeless, were arrested at 2 p.m. Monday inside the garage of a woman’s home in the 11000 block of Cleveland Avenue NW.

The woman arrived home to find a strange truck in her driveway and called Uniontown Police, Officer Elizabeth Salewsky said. Police were on their way when the woman called a relative, who lives close by.

The woman’s relative arrived before the officers. He found the couple inside the garage and had them lying on the yard at gunpoint when police arrived, Salewsky said. But the couple had already been inside the house.

Police found the victim’s jewelry, computer, credit cards and house and car keys inside the truck. Police believe the couple took the items and then went back inside the house.

The two were taken to Stark County Jail, where Nippell was being held on $50,000 bond and Cantwell on a $100,000 bond.

At this time, while the two are expected to appear Canton Municipal Court, the dates of their hearings have not been confirmed.

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