Middle-Aged Looking Teenager Sets Social Media Ablaze With Unbelievable Mugshot

The mugshot of Murad Mansurovich Kurbanov, a Utah TEENAGER who was arrested for allegedly stealing a U-Haul and leading police on a car chase, has set social media ablaze as most users have a hard time believing the Kurbanov is not yet 20-years-old.
After Fox News 13 posted the story of Kurbanov’s arrest to their official Facebook page, hundreds of Facebook users felt compelled to chime in, as the report states that Kurbanov is 19-years-old, despite the fact that he looks about twice that age.

“Looks like he pays his own child support,” Facebook user Michael King wrote.
“Gargamel must be chasing the smurfs again,” commented another user.
“People self identify in dog years now too?”, David Espinoza questioned.
“Ummm he is only 19 if you spell 49 with a 1,” joked Facebook user Travis Hawkes.

As for Kurbanov, he was ultimately charged with theft of a rental vehicle, failure to stop at the command of police and reckless driving, after a police officer a 2018 Ford U-Haul van run multiple red lights and illegally pass multiple vehicles in the area of Murray, Utah.
via Fox 13 News:

According to a probable cause statement, the officer attempted to stop the driver, Kurbanov, at 4300 S 900 East, but Kurbanov failed to stop. The probable cause statement said an eyewitness called in a tip that led police to Kurbanov’s location near 153 E 4370 South, where the eyewitness said Kurbanov had left the vehicle and run into an apartment complex.
The officer found Kurbanov sitting on a set of stairs inside the apartment complex. According to the probable cause statement, Kurbanov told the officer he was there to visit a friend.
The U-Haul van Kurbanov was driving was supposed to be returned on December 14 and was considered stolen by state law. Kurbanov is now in Salt Lake County Jail.

Following his arrest, Kurbanov was placed into the Salt Lake County Jail.
This is not the first time that a hilarious mugshot has set social media on fire, as the mugshot of Charles McDowell, aka Wide Neck, quickly turned into one of the best memes of 2018.
Similarly, the mugshot of Crystal Mostek — a woman who threatened to blow up a 7-Eleven in Virginia Beach — also went viral as many people were quick to compare her to the Joker.

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