Nicki Minaj Is Like All Ex-Girlfriends, Apparently Blocked Meek Mill On Instagram

If you’ve every been relationship that didn’t work out, then odds are you’re also blocked by that same person on Instagram. It’s just how modern relationships go. Whether it be done out of sadness or out ofspite, something about following your ex’s life in living color after the relationship is over seems unnecessary.
And wouldn’t ya know it, it turns out celebrities who are worth hundreds of millions of dollars are just as petty as the rest of us. Turns out, no matter how many millions of men on Earth dream about sleeping with you, you still dislike that one dude from your past enough to block him on IG. Turns out, that’s exactly what Nicki Minaj did to our boy Meek Mill.
Meek Mill, who recently released his generally well-received album Championships, said in a Twitter Q&A that he doesn’t know anything about Nicki Minaj’s new boyfriend Kenneth Petty, as the Queen rapped has blocked him on Instagram.
via Twitter:

“I don’t feel nothing … and I don’t know that man to judge him … I went to check him out on her page and found out I was blocked,” Meek said on Twitter on Sunday, December 16.

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj began dating back in early 2015 and were together for about two years until their break-up in January 2017.
Following her relationship with Meek, Minaj dated legendary rapper Nas in addition to Petty. She still probably hasn’t slept with Drake, though, no matter how many times he’s asked her to.

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