Nicki Minaj PAPER Magazine Photo Shoot 2017

Look, I don’t know what the hell Paper Magazine is, all I know about them is that every year they come out with a new attempt at “breaking the internet” and every year they trick me into writing about it. But being the sucker in an obvious marketing ploy is a price I’m willing to pay when they’re dropping Nicki Minaj heat like this.

Using some fancy photo techniques, Nicki is getting intimate with, well, herself in most of the photos, which while weird, is great when you consider that the only thing better than one Nicki Minaj is multiple Nicki Minaj’s. That’s simple math.

Does it matter that Nicki Minaj is likely made of 90% silicon, well, not really, because let me ask you this: baseball is a more exciting sport when steroids are in the game, right? Exactly.

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