Nicki Minaj Needs To Pull A Kim Kardashian If She Wants To Remain The Queen

“Pulling a Kim Kardashian.”
If you have enough internet wits about you, then you know exactly what I mean. And if you don’t know what I mean, then I’m not sure how you’ve survived this long without a modicum of common sense.
Anyway — whether you understand what it means to “pull a Kardashian” or not — Nicki Minaj needs to do it.
Following the disappointing sales of her latest album Queen, her beef with Travis Scott, the North American leg of her tour being canceled, and Cardi B generally stealing her thunder over the last couple of years, Nicki Minaj is in desperate need of a slump buster.
via Page Six:

Industry sources told us that Minaj has been “freaking out” about painfully slow ticket sales for her North America tour with Future, which had been scheduled to start next month, but was canceled late Tuesday night.
A Live Nation source told us, “Nicki’s tour looked to be the most disappointing ticket sales of the year for any artist. She and Future were booked in big arenas with around 20,000 capacities.
As of Tuesday, the source added, “Sales for opening night in Baltimore were just 2,000 tickets. LA was 3,400 – for a 17,000 capacity venue – New Orleans 1,000, Denver 1,300, Chicago 3,900. Even Nicki’s hometown of Brooklyn, the Barclays Center (which has a capacity of 19,000) sold only 5,050 tickets.”

And what better slump buster is there then pulling a Kim Kardashian, a move that’s given its namesake a decade-long, nearly billion-dollar career?
Think about it, Kim’s original Kardashian came out over a decade ago — long before Twitter and Instagram were the behemoth social media platforms they are today — and it STILL broke the internet.
Could you IMAGINE how Twitter would react if Nicki dropped a Kardashian? Nicki is essentially already a Kardashian anyway: totally fake from head to toe, but hey, at least she can rap.
Plus, let’s be honest with each other here: who among us would not watch Nicki Minaj pull a Kardashian? That video would do record-breaking, internet-shattering numbers at my apartment alone.
Nicki Minaj has been Queen of the rap game for a while now, but if she isn’t careful, she could lose her crown sooner then she anticipates. But if she pulls a Kardashian, she’ll remain on the mountaintop for another decade.
We’ve seen it work for Kim, so why wouldn’t it work for Nicki? Exactly.

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