The 5 Stages Of Bullying Through The Years

Bullying, let’s all admit it, it sucks. But, there is something that we can not control about bullying. It will never end. And that’s a fact, we can create support groups, set up assemblies, and protest it but it will never end. It may help with some bullying, but it won’t stop it. From elementary school all the way to adulthood, bullying doesn’t get worse, but it escalates to a new level of pain. Here are the stages of bullying through the years.

Elementary School

Little kids pointing and making fun of another student


Elementary school is pretty innocent because it’s little kids telling each other. There really isn’t any violence, maybe a little pushing and shoving but nothing terrible. You tell your teacher on someone and that someone gets mad. There are a few innocent tears shed and maybe a timeout in the classroom. Those timeouts when you are in a dark class and, you have to keep your head down. It’s not that important bullying in Elementary school, but it is the start to what can come in the future.

Middle School

Two kids try to beat up another kid on the ground


This is where violence comes into the picture of bullying. There isn’t much violence with girls but more boys. Boys tend to get a bit more physical and don’t care about the consequences that come with hitting someone. Girls in middle school start to see their sassy side. A few sassy comments here and there can turn into something significant to the person who is being told that sassy comment. Middle school bullying is the development of the evil minds that will explode in high school.

High School

Typing on a phone screen "you're ugly"


There isn’t much violence or sassy comments. High school students are too old for that. What makes high school bullying the worst is the cyberbullying. Social media is a significant power when it comes to hurting someone. When you say something to someone’s face, it can quickly be forgotten over time. Social media stays online forever. No delete button can help you forget. It’s there for people to see every single day.


College kids bully another kid by himself


It’s a new world, one where you do get an original story to tell. But, what sucks about college bullying is you are stuck by yourself. You can’t go to your parents or your teachers. You are an adult now, so you need to figure out things on your own. College, there is cyberbullying, but it’s more psychological. Small little comments that mess with your head keep you up at night that gives the other person power. It’s hard to take control of, but it’s up to you to get over it.


Two adults bullying another adult at her desk


Yes, there is bullying after college. What do you think your parents talk about with other parents? There are still adult rumors, adult insults, and adult fights. Take everything from elementary school all the way to college and combine them all together. Telling people about the other person, arguments and sassy comments, cyberbullying, and psychological jabs. Adulthood is everything exploding into one big issue.

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