Here Is How To Escape The Friend Zone

The horrors of the friend zone. It’s a place we never try to put ourselves in, nor do we ever want to be in the friend zone. If you are a person who has put someone in the friend zone, how dare you? You are hurting that person more than you are hurting yourself. The person you are putting in the friend zone is probably the person you are supposed to end up with. Get a grip and take them out of the friend zone. But, for those of you who are in the friend zone and want out, listen to us.
If you are in the friend zone, you must learn how you put yourself in that zone. Were you a little too subtle, did you do everything for this person to like you, are your flirting skills off? These are legitimate questions because these are things that put you in the friend zone. The friend zone starts with someone giving so much without receiving anything back. By offering, you are taking over all the needs a boyfriend or girlfriend would provide, yet your so-called crush is oblivious to these extremely nice presents. But, sometimes you are pushing too much.

Now it’s time for our tips on how to get out of the friend zone. It may hurt, a few of these, but they will help you. First, you need to be less interested in them. Don’t be needy, take a step back and act like you really don’t need them. To add to this, you can add some competition. Hang out with some other friends, preferably with the sex you are attracted too. This can create a little jealousy with the person you like and can slowly get you out of the friend zone.
That is another thing, you need to be patient. They aren’t going to crawl all over you after 24 hours of not talking to them. Let time tick on and know that it will come around for you. You are trying to get them invested in you rather than the opposite. You already put a lot of investment in them, so it’s their turn to invest in you. You want them to come to you without you doing any hard work. When they see you stepping away, they will see how much you mean to them and come crawling to you in the way you wanted all along.

Once they have come to you, it’s time for the hardest part. The talk. The talk of you and the other person changing the relationship. No more friend zone, but an actual attempt of dating and maybe something more significant in the future. It doesn’t have to be, “will you be my girlfriend” or “boyfriend” type of talk. Take it slow and don’t rush. They will want to do it the same way. You already have each other’s friendship; you already mean a lot to each other. So, take it one step at a time and watch your relationship of friend zone disappear.

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