The 10 Very Odd Food Combinations That Are Strangely Tasty

Don’t ask us how we know this, and don’t ask how other people have come to find these odd food combinations. We are going to pretend you accidentally dropped your bottle of ketchup on your cookies and decided to eat it anyway and discovered a new flavor that intrigues you. Oddly enough, this happens a lot. But, we advise you not to eat these strange combinations in public. Have you seen how humiliating it is to eat chicken fingers with coke? Say goodbye to your social life when you get caught. Here are some strange food combinations that are oddly tasty.

Peanut Butter, Pickle, & Mayonnaise Sandwich

Don’t ask how or why. Just trust us and know it’s actually quite tasty.

Fries & Honey

Kind of like fries and ice cream or milkshakes. That sweet and salty taste always mixes well. And who doesn’t love French fries?

Milk & Cheetos

Milk and cheese are basically the same things, so combine them and make them even better.

Funyans & Cream Cheese

This may not look as strange to some people, but it’s delicious. We suggest putting this out for your next Super Bowl party.

Frosted Flake Cereal & Cheese

Some people really like that sweet and salty. But, this is a more delicious and creamy taste, and oddly appetizing.

Popcorn & Ketchup

Basically adding in another sweet but salty flavor to popcorn. If you do try this in the theater make sure no one sees you. It’s still a weird combination.

Popcorn & Marshmallows

Not that odd of a food combination but some people to stay away from. But, mix in some chocolate chips, and pretzels and you got a sweet snack mix going there.

Fish Fingers & Custard

The doctor would be proud of this combination.

Peanut Butter, Jelly, & Doritos

Again with the sweet and salty. Think about it like adding chips to your turkey sandwich, this time it’s a bit sweeter.

Grilled Cheese & Frosted Flakes

Kind of like the cereal and cheese, but cooked. If one tastes good than the other is bound to taste just as good.

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