Top 5 Useful Tips & Healthy Ways To Vent Out Anger

As college students, there can be a lot of anger inside each and every one of us. Not just with homework but professors can set us off. Our roommates could be pushing us towards the very edge. Maybe your parents won’t leave you alone. Either way, your anger is at its boiling point, and you need to vent it out. But, what’s the appropriate way to vent your anger out without hurting someone? Here are our top 5 ways to vent out your anger.


If you are a man reading this, it’s okay to cry. Don’t say men don’t cry, everyone cries. It’s one of the best ways to lower your anger. All that energy built inside you needs to be released into the open. Even if you don’t have a shoulder to cry on, let yourself be that loved one to hold you. Let the tears fall, and the stress escapes your body. The energy you once used for anger and stress can be released by crying.

Hit It Out

Don’t hit someone, take your pillow and punch it. The best way to release anger is to hit something. Punch the pillow like it’s the person you are angriest with, or even it being all of your work. Punch the anger and frustration out. If you need to, swear and yell as you punch your pillow, the more anger you get out, the better you will feel in the end.


Similar to hitting out your anger, exercise can be a great way to release anger. The gym can help you sprint your way out of your frustration or lift yourself out of the bad situation. Sometimes your worst days can turn into your best days in the gym. Exercise can help you clear your head of any anger or stress from the outside world. You are exerting your body to do something like lifting weights, doing cardio, even stretching. And when you exert your body to do something other than getting angry, all that frustration can disappear when you leave the gym.


Pretend to write to the person or what you are angry at. Write a letter to that person or that thing. Put all your anger out in it. Don’t look at the grammar or the story of the letter, just write and keep going. There are no rules to this letter, just write it all out. It’s like screaming on a page without anyone hearing you.


Sometimes talking to a friend or even a random stranger can help you feel less angry. It isn’t about getting advice; it’s about freeing the anger you have inside of you by talking it out. We end up learning from ourselves when we talk it all out. And, you don’t have to talk to someone, you can easily talk to yourself. If you are too scared you are going to look weird talking to yourself, the shower is the best place to talk to yourself, or even pretending to talk to the person you are angry with.

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