Cesar Altieri Sayoc Van Stickers: Full List & Photos

Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr., a 56-year-old man with ties to New York who was living in Florida, was taken into custody by police in Florida on Friday, October 26. Sayoc was taken into custody in connection with the string of suspected package bombs that were shipped to prominent members of the Democratic party and media outlets throughout the past week.
After Sayoc was arrested, his van was taken by law enforcement officials and photos on the internet showed the van was covered in stickers and decals that included pro-Trump and right-wing propaganda, along with other hints into his personal life.
A closer look at the photos and propaganda featured on his van can be seen below.

Cesar Altieri Sayoc Van Photos

Political Propaganda

Sayoc’s van included multiple prominent Democratic figures in crosshairs. Among them were Hillary Clinton, filmmaker Michael Moore, CNN commentator Van Jones, and former President Barack Obama. The window also featured a giant “CNN Sucks” photo, along with a “Drain the Swamp” collage of other political figures — many of whom received suspicious packages from Sayoc.

Politicians In Crosshairs: Hillary Clinton, Obama & More

The van also included a giant pro-Trump sticker that featured Donald Trump, and the American flag mounted on top of a tank.
Additional stickers included a number of memes that are popular among the right-wing communities on social media outlets like Twitter, reddit, and 4chan.

MMA – American Top Team

Sayoc Jr. also seemed to be involved in the local mixed martial arts scene. Sayoc, who was arrested in Plantation, Florida, had multiple photos of local MMA gym American Top Team, which has produced a number of high profile mixed martial artists and champions. There was also an MMA event promotional poster, along with a photo that appeared to show Sayoc alongside a group of people training.
He describes himself as a former professional soccer player, wrestler, and cage fighter.

Love of Soccer

pro trump propaganda, cesar sayoc van


A number of decals showed Sayoc’s love of soccer and his involvement in the sport. Along with a USA soccer decal, there were tags that said “soccer is the greatest sport” and showed details for top youth soccer recruits. One photo on the side of his van showed a youth soccer team.

Who Is Cesar Sayoc?

Sayoc, 56, is the Florida man who has been arrested in connection to the suspicious explosive devices that were sent to Democrats across the United States. Sayoc was arrested by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in Plantation, Florida, on Friday, October 26. Sayoc is reportedly a registered Republican. He is a catering and dry-cleaning business owner.

Cesar Sayoc maga bomber arrested


According to reports, Broward County Sheriff’s Officers made the arrest of Sayoc near the AutoZone on State Road 7 and Southwest 6th Street in Plantation, Florida. Additionally, reports indicate that “there was some sort of confrontation when the arrest was made.”

Cesar Altieri Sayoc's Voter Registration & Politics Of MAGA Bomber
Cesar Altieri Sayoc's Voter Registration & Politics Of MAGA Bomber
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