WATCH: White Woman Prevents Black Man From Entering His Own Apartment Building

Hilary Brooke Thornton is the latest person to expose their ugly side to the public and it has cost her her job. Thornton was fired from her job as manager of a luxury apartment building in St. Louis after a video surfaced that shows her preventing a black man, D’Arreion Toles, from entering the building which he lives in. Once Toles made his way into the building, Thornton continued to follow him.
“You are blocking me into my building. This is my building as well. So, I need you to get out my way,” Toles says in the video which was published on his Facebook page.
Despite the unfortunate situation, Toles said that he has no hard feelings towards Thornton, who was the senior property manager at Tribeca-STL/STLCityWide. He discussed the incident with local news outlet KMOV.
“I am not mad at her. I am not upset with her. I am not going to go after her legally or anything like that. I wish her the best. I would still have a conversation with her.”
Tribeca-STL issued a statement on its decision to fire Thornton.
“Tribeca-STL was recently shared a video containing a disturbing interaction that we believe is important to clarify. The video did involve one our employees, but the event did NOT take place at Tribeca-STL and did NOT involve one of our tenants. The video is showing the employee in her private life at her own residence interacting with another person,” the statement reads.
“The Tribeca-STL family is a minority-owned company that consists of employees and residents from many racial backgrounds. We are proud of this fact and do not and never will stand for racism or racial profiling at our company. After a review of the matter, the employee has been terminated and is no longer with our company. At Tribeca-STL we want all residents, guests and visitors to feel welcome, safe and respected.”
KMOV attempted to contact Thornton, but she did not respond to any request for comment.
You can watch the video below:

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