WATCH: White Lady 'Cornerstore Caroline' Calls Cops On Black Child For 'Touching Her Butt'

A white woman in Brooklyn, New York, who identified herself as Teresa Klein of Flatbush, sparked outrage in the community when she decided to call the cops on a nine-year-old black child who she accused of grabbing her butt inside of a bodega. Video of the incident was captured in which you hear the child hysterically crying after the allegations and while Klein was placing a call to police.
The incident took place at the Sahara Deli in Flatbush, according to the New York Post.
“I want the cops here right now!” Klein can be heard yelling over the phone. “The son grabbed my a– and she decided to yell at me.”
As Klein is confronted by outraged locals, one woman says, “Nobody wants to touch your flat a**.” She has since been dubbed “Cornerstore Caroline” — a shoutout to other alliterative names like “Barbecue Becky” and “Permit Patty.”

The man who filmed the video, Facebook user Jason Stovetop Littlejohn, says that the young boy was falsely accused.
“As I walked up I noticed the argument, apparently the kid brushed up against her and she said he touched her and decided to call police on a nine year old child. As you can see the kid is crying and the mom is upset,” Littlejohn wrote on Facebook.
Security footage from WPIX-TV backs up those claims and shows that the boy simply brushed against her with his backpack as he was leaving the bodega. You can view the surveillance video for yourself below and see that the boy was simply walking by Klein when she decided to overreact and show her ugly side.

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