Oregon Stripper Goes Viral For Disgusting Racist Rampage

Sierra Dawn Measelle has been identified as the woman in a viral video out of Portland, Oregon that shows Measelle being racist.
Measelle, a stripper from Newberg, Oregon, was recorded making racist remarks. The video, which is about 30-seconds long was uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday, September 12.
“Before you say anything you might wanna make sure you’re actual legals,” Measelle can be heard saying in the now viral video.

“Before you say anything you might wanna make sure you’re actual legals, and then call the cops… [unintelligble],” Measelle says before the person recording asks “About what?”
“That you’re illegals crossing the border,” Measelle responds. “And your parents probably had to work for f*cking dirt just to get here.”


While some unconfirmed reports that Measelle worked at Stars Cabaret and Casa Diablo, both establishments have made statements denying Measelle’s employment.
In a statement on Facebook, Stars Cabaret said: “We would like to publicly address due to the calls & messages coming through, that we do not have a staff member or entertainer by the name of Sierra at our establishment.”
However, given that stripper’s usually use an alias while on the job, this statement could be mere semantics.
Selina Cairel has been identified as the woman who recorded the video of Measelle.
via Facebook:

I normally don’t share anything around here but I’m very upset. I was out with some friends last night in Portland and had a terrible encounter with a girl who was saying the nastiest most racist thing possible, after wasting my breath trying to knock some sense into her I just let her speak. It started when she had said in the most demeaning Poor excuse of a supposed “Asian” accent that “She’s Asian,she can’t see that’s why she can’t drive”. I was parked next to her and i did not instigate this at all. She was the one to pull out her phone first saying “ this should go on instagram” and started recording me.I literally just got back to my car from getting some voodoo donuts and just wanted to go home. I never let this pass and wanna make sure this kind of behavior is seen and how people of color encounter this all the time. I wanna make sure she gets seen and her racist, ignorant behavior is exposed.

According to public arrest records, Measelle has been previously charged with disorderly conduct, possession of a controlled substance, and violating open container laws.
Measelle is just the latest white woman to go viral for their disgusting racist remarks.
Tabitha Duncan, a waitress in Missouri, was fired after she was recorded on camera using the n-word. Lori McAllen, a Department of Transportation in Oregon, also lost her job due to a racially charged Facebook post. Similarly, Harley Barber, a former student at the University of Alabama, was expelled after uploading a video of her saying the n-word to social media.

This story is developing. Please refresh for all of the latest updates and information.

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