Top 10 Best TV Shows Of All Time

Doctors tell us to watch less TV to not let it rot our brains, but does that stop us from watching our favorite shows? Nope! We perfectly find the colors on a TV satisfying when scrambling our brains. And it’s advancing onto our computer screens. No matter how many people say it’s going to rot our brains, we will continue to find out who died, who is dating who, and what is the last episode going to tell us about the next season? We have all of these questions, and the only way to answer it is to keep watching our favorite shows. Here are our picks for the top ten best TV shows of all time.

The Simpsons

With their 30th season coming up soon, The Simpsons deserve a right into our list. The family that has brought many laughs and smiles to our faces. Who knew a cartoon like The Simpsons could last this long, and yet it’s still going on. For decades, this show has debated controversial topics and somehow predicted the future of Donald Trump. We hope that there are many more season in the future.

Mad Men

The seven-season AMC show was one of the greats. Showing viewers how much alcohol and cigarettes were extremely abused in the 1960s. With the attention to detail with the story and the consistency with characters and some minor complicated motivations, the show was one to remember. This was also the show that helps put AMC on the map as a network that creates quality original series.

I Love Lucy

The oldest show on this list, I Love Lucy is a classic that deserves to be on every top ten list. The comedic styles of Lucille Ball made us all fall in love with Lucy. Because of the success of the show, there were many other spin-offs of the show, but none were as good as the original. I Love Lucy, will forever be a hilarious classic everyone will always enjoy.

Saturday Night Live

Talk about a show that has been on for many years. Saturday Night Live is currently on its 44th season, the late-night comedy sketch show continues to create new bits’ no one can not laugh at. It’s a show that was and still is the first step of bringing up star quality comedians like Will Farrell, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Kate McKinnon, Eddie Murphy, and so much more. There is never a person season of SNL, there is always an opportunity for mistakes, but that’s what you get with a live late-night show.

The Sopranos

A drama series that allowed for a new era of serialized television. With six seasons of drama filled episodes living you at the edge of your seat, you wished you could have more. With actors and actresses with incredibly emotional performances, the show grew and grew with every season. There were some mixed reviews on some episodes, but the creators left it up to the audience whether they made a good or bad episode.


Probably one of those shows that are quickly forgotten but easily remembered. The show was a lot about nothing, yet it’s a classic. Seinfeld shows the truth about how weird people can be in the real world. The shows run was a great one. However, Jerry Seinfeld chose to end the show before it went through its prime time. It was one of those shows people would watch for a good laugh but then stop an episode wondering what that episode was about. But, that was the great thing about Seinfeld, it didn’t matter what the episode was about, just as long as you laughed.

Game of Thrones

Of course, Dragons were going to make a list. Who wouldn’t love a show about the battle between thrones that brings our childhood fantasies of princesses, kings, pirates, dragons, and so many other creatures to life? We must thank the original book series for the excellent TV show. With so many conflicts and violence, fantasy and regal politics, and the large amount of sex, Game of Thrones is a fantastic show that deserves to stay on the air. Unfortunately, the next season is their last, so hopefully, it’s their best one. Let’s just hope we won’t die internally, with any significant character deaths.

The X-Files

This was definitely one of those shows you watched and were left screaming at the screen. With an engaging storyline, incredible characters, and a slightly annoying back and forth of the characters Mulder and Scully for the entire series. It had something for everyone. Who doesn’t love alien conspiracies made into a TV series? Unfortunately, the series slowed in later seasons and caused its end at the beginning of 2018.

Breaking Bad

Who said a show about making meth would be one of the most well-made series of all time? Each episode had a story, one that always took a dark turn and kept you on your toes. It took Bryan Cranston, once a sitcom actor, and made him into a dark, dramatic antihero. Thought with its dark storyline, it left for some black humor that kept the show running for so long. Hopefully, we don’t see any high school teachers in an RV cooking meth for profit.


Who knew six New York City friends could end up giving NBC the greatest comedy stardom in its time. Thanks to the TV show Friends, NBC grew in comedy. With the mixture of silly and serious content, audience members were able to relate to each and every character. Even if it wasn’t the six main stars, there was some relatable feeling of each actor and actress who performed. Some may not say Friends is a great show, but for so many Friends is the most excellent show of all time.

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