'Toy Story 4' Is Apparently Even Sadder Than 'Toy Story 3'

It’s been 23 years since the first Toy Story came out, and despite the fact that its original audience is now adults, most of them will probably see the latest installment, Toy Story 4, as soon as they can.
What makes Toy Story 4 such a loved, sustained franchise is that it’s grown with its audience. While Toy Story and Toy Story 2 came out in the 90’s — before most of us were in our teens — Toy Story 3 came out in 2010, while most of us reading this were in high school or college. Yet it remained as enjoyable as ever because it matured with us.
And if you’ve seen Toy Story 3, then you know just how mature it became, as it was significantly more emotional than it’s predecessors.
So when Tim Allen, one of the stars of the franchise, says that the next installment will be even SADDER, my ears perk up.
Allen, who famously voices Buzz in the Toy Story franchise, was appearing on the CBS daytime program The Talk on Wednesday, September, 26, when he began discussing Toy Story 4, specifically how emotional it is.

“Yes, I gotta resist getting emotional. I don’t want to give it away, but this is an incredibly great story,” he said. “…It is so emotional, it’s so funny, it’s so big, the idea they’ve come up with, I’m startled,” Allen said.
“I couldn’t even get through the last scene. I would love to be a Washington leaker. I just can’t do it. I can’t give any more away. They’ve got great characters but a couple of scenes toward the end were really hard to get through.”


Toy Story 4 is due out in theaters in June 2019.

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