Kyrie Irving Taking Program At Harvard Business School

Kyrie Irving is heading to Harvard Business School. The Boston Celtics star point guard will be spending some of his free time learning how to “develop business acumen … to make better business decisions” as a member of the “Crossover Into Business” program.
Irving will be one of the participants for the semester-long program taught by Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse.
The former Duke standout explained his decision to enter “Crossover Into Business” with the Boston Globe.
“When I am playing basketball or perfecting my craft, which comes with a lot of sacrifice, then the time that I’ve got outside of it, I’ll use to develop a lot of interests and passions that I have, to make up for that,” Irving said. “I feel like if I had the same amount of time that I was afforded [for basketball] to learn about business and investments, I think I’d probably be in a pretty different place.”

Other athletes in the program are basketball players Zaza Pachulia and Paul Millsap, former NFL tight end Martellus Bennett, and former UFC champion Vitor Belfort.
All participants will be mentored during their time in the program by Harvard MBA students to “better prepare themselves for business activities during and after their active sports careers.”

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Yale Endowment: Fund Size, Donations & Financials
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