Yale Endowment: Fund Size, Donations & Financials

Getting into a top school is excellent. But getting into a top school with a stacked folder filled with endowers is even better. Endowments are one of the significant bloodlines that keeps a college functioning and well kept. It is essential that promotes a better environment and learning conditions for its students to flourish. The endowments for each college varies, but if we’re going to talk about Ivy League schools, we are going to be talking billions.

Yale Endowment Size


Yale’s Endowment places it to be one of the highest in the list with other Ivy Leagues, which is some pretty big stuff. Harvard has an endowment of $37.1 billion and Yale ranks second with $27 billion.
The Yale Endowment is consist of thousands of endowments with different purposes and special restrictions. Around 84% of its funds are true endowments, which are gifts that are restricted by donors for special purposes. The remaining funds are money the Yale Corporation can choose to invest.
Remaining endowments are for:

  • Fundings for professorships, teaching, and lectureships (24%)
  • Scholarships, fellowships, and prizes (17%)
  • Maintenance (4%)
  • Books (3%)
  • Miscellaneous purposes (27%)
  • Unrestricted (25%)
  • Fundings for Professional and Arts schools, the library and other entities (remaining)

Yale’s spending from endowments grew 6.0% during the last decade from $684 million to $1.2 billion. In that same report, the Investment Office predicts that next year’s spending will reach up to $1.3 billion. Despite that huge amount of spending, Yale’s primary endowment goals are to “provide substantial levels of cash flow to the operating budget for current scholars while preserving Endowment purchasing power for future generations.”

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