Top 5 Best Kyrie Basketball Shoes Ranked

Basketball shoes are a delicacy when it comes to the athletic field of shoes. Tennis shoes, cleats, and skates are famous but, nothing can touch the designs of basketball shoes. Everyone knows about Air Jordan’s and LeBron Shoes. But, there is one style that stands out from any other, the Kyrie Irving basketball shoes. Kyrie coming out with multiple series of different styles has managed to create a meaning for each one of his designs. Each one better than the first. Here are our top 5 favorite Kyrie basketball shoes.

Kyrie 2 Black History Month

Holidays are a tool for themes in any brand of clothing or shoe, but it’s rare that a meaningful holiday like Black History Month that is used as a shoe theme. Some fans were skeptical about this choice, but the release of the colors and design made these shoes one of the most popular in Nike.

Kyrie 2 Ky-Rispy Kreme

No one can beat a good Krispy Kreme donut, so it’s no wonder the Ky-Rispy Kreme basketball shoes look just as good at their donut counterpart. To Kyrie, it was a simple idea that took him seconds to create. “Let’s take my name and apply it to the shoes and connecting it to things that I love, and it was like, Krispy Kreme…”.

Kyrie 4 Wheaties

Probably not the most attractive color or designs, but it does grab your attention. These Wheaties basketball shoes look just like the box. Kyrie designed the souls of the shoe to look like the Wheaties flakes mixed with milk. And if the idea wasn’t the best, the shoe box sure is, looking just like the Wheaties box. Not only do the shoes come in the box but you get your very own bowl and spoon. But, don’t go shopping yet, there were only 100 sold, so you are going to have pay big bucks to get this cereal shoe brand.

Kyrie 4 BHM

Close to the black history month Kyrie 2 basketball shoes, these show a different design. The white, black and red shoes are scribbled with the word “Equality.” These shoes were released to encourage fans and teams to respect sports and athletes on and off the court. Everyone should be treated equally and with the same amount of respect.

Kyrie 4 Power Is Female

Another powerful message for Kyrie’s recent basketball shoe release, dedicating this design to females. Light aqua covers the whole shoes with hints of orange and white. Written on the shoes are the words “power is female” and “we are a new generation.” There is another message on the heel of the shoe.

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