David Katz Identified As Suspect In Jacksonville Landing Madden Tournament Shooting

David Katz, who went by the names “BREAD” and “RavensChamp,” has been identified as the lone gunman who carried out the mass shooting at Jackson Landing during a Madden NFL video game tournament on Sunday afternoon. He used a semi-automatic hand gun in the attack.
Matt Pearce of the Los Angeles Times reports he was a fellow gamer who carried out the attack after losing a game in the tournament.
Multiple fatalities were confirmed, with up to 11 total victims injured. Memorial Hospital and UF Health Jacksonville received victims from the shooting, with both hospitals confirming numerous victims with multiple wounds.
The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department confirmed three fatalities (including the shooter), and 9 injured victims.
Katz, who was 24 years old, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after carrying out the mass shooting.
Here is what we know.

What Happened?

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A gunman open-fired on a Madden NFL tournament at Jackson Landing in Jacksonville, Florida. Video surfaced of the moments the gunfire erupted online. Minutes later, reports began surfacing of multiple casualties with a heavy police presence on the scene.
The tournament was taking place at the GLHF Game Bar.  The tournament was the Southeastern Qualifier for the Madden NFL Championship Series. The game was on XBOX One, with third-place winning $1,000 and the first- and second-place winners being flown to the Finals Qualification event.
“Horrifying news from #Jacksonville this afternoon,” United States Senator Marco Rubio tweeted. “Have spoken to local authorities & am still awaiting more information on this shooting.” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the president has been briefed on the incident and is monitoring the situation.
The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office has confirmed that the suspect was killed on scene.
Madden has also commented on the tragedy.
“We are aware of an incident at a sanctioned Madden Championship Series competition in Jacksonville. We are working with authorities to gather facts at this stage,” the official Twitter account of Madden NFL creator EA Sports wrote in a brief statement addressing the shooting. “This is a horrible situation, and our deepest sympathies go out to all involved.”
An eyewitness on scene, Ryen Alemon, stated live on CNN that he saw two different shooters open fire. As of now, this is unconfirmed by other witnesses or the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office.
Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams later confirmed that there was only one suspect, who was deceased at the scene.

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