Three Dead, Including Shooter, At Madden Tournament In Jacksonville

There has been a shooting at Jacksonville Landing in Jacksonville, Florida, where a Madden 19 tournament had been taking place. Details and information are still forthcoming, you can listen to some of the audio below.

Be warned it is disturbing.

Breaking: Reports of a shooting at the Jacksonville Landing during a Madden video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. Audio reveals sounds of gunfire during the tournament.

— PM Breaking News (@PMBreakingNews) August 26, 2018

UPDATE 2:33 PM: There are reports that there is still an active shooter situation in downtown Jacksonville and police are warning people to stay away.

UPDATE 2:35 PM: According to WPLG, there are multiple confirmed fatalities and the shooter is NOT in custody.

#BREAKING Several dead after shooting at video game tournament in Jacksonville

— WPLG Local 10 News (@WPLGLocal10) August 26, 2018

Located in downtown Jacksonville, the tournament was taking place at the GLHF Game Bar.

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UPDATE 2:44 PM: Fox News is reporting that the ATF is now responding to the shooting in Jacksonville.

UPDATE 2:48 PM: The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has now confirmed that there are multiple fatalities and that more victims are being taken to area hospitals.

Multiple fatalities at the scene, many transported. #TheLandingMassShooting

— Jax Sheriff's Office (@JSOPIO) August 26, 2018

UPDATE 2:51 PM: A Twitter user posted this video of the shooting as it began.


— AP (@Layzr96) August 26, 2018

UPDATE 2:55 PM: The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office has now confirmed that one suspect has been killed on scene and that the SWAT teams are conducting a sweep and search of the area.

One suspect is dead at the scene, unknown at this time if we have a second suspect. Searches are being conducted.

— Jax Sheriff's Office (@JSOPIO) August 26, 2018

We are finding many people hiding in locked areas at The Landing. We ask you to stay calm, stay where you are hiding. SWAT is doing a methodical search inside The Landing. We will get to you. Please don’t come running out. #TheLandingMassShooting

— Jax Sheriff's Office (@JSOPIO) August 26, 2018

UPDATE 3:18 PM: An eyewitness on scene, Ryen Alemon, stated live on CNN that he saw two different shooters open fire. As of now, this is unconfirmed by other witnesses or the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office.

This article will be updated as the story develops.

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