Top 5 School Supplies Upcoming College Students Should Have On Their Packing List

Do you have a kid who is going off to college? Or are you a kid going of to college yourself? Once August comes along, it’s no better time to start collecting up your school supplies! Still, there’s some items you might not think to bring with you or give your kid even if this marks the first time that they leave home. There might be a few things they need to help beat the homesickness. We’ve compiled a list of items it might be wise for new and upcoming college students to bring with them once they start their new school year. Even if you (or your kids) are staying home and communing to school, many of these gifts are still a nice gesture.


Yes, everyone loves ramen and it’s simply tradition at this point. Still, variety is the spice of life and young people really need to learn how to cook, the sooner the better! Besides, many dormitories even have some type of communal kitchen. Just make sure said recipes are affordable and reasonable for a college student to make. Preferably, use something that will remind you of home to cure any homesickness. Obviously, this is a redundant gift if the student involved is going to culinary school, but another, spare recipe could just end up another card to play!

Letters for Rainy Days

Like I implied above, homesickness can be expected when people leave home for the first time, as it to be expected with any major change. In college, it can be a slightly easier pill to swallow since college students are at least surrounded by other people in their position, but you can still miss home. A few letters that serve as a reminder of where you come from and encouraging words of wisdom can always cheer someone up.

Money Advice


Now that students are starting college, it becomes important that they have a special talk with their elders. Yes, the money talk. Many upcoming students never had to worry about insurance or even taxes, if they did not work when they were in high school. Things like pieces of money advice on index cards, software that breaks down taxes or even a local CPA’s business card can all come in handy.

Virtual Private Network

Food, water, shelter and clothing are all necessities, but now another item can be added to that list: WiFi! If, for whatever reason, you are unable to use the internet from your dorm or nearby library, you’ll need access to the internet to work on assignments and stay in contact with your professors. In college, you’ll need to check your email to survive more than you ever had to in life before this point! A virtual private network will also add an extra layer of encryption to your data to protect you while in addition to serving as a backup WiFi!


Food is always a good thing. College is the time in your life that you realize that there is really no such thing as a free lunch. You only start to notice when you are the one who has to start paying for it yourself. Sure, food eventually expires in time but all that means is that you have an excuse to eat it. Also, sharing food is always an ice-breaker.

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