Here’s Some Dorm Room Decor Deals For Less Than $50 Each!

A new school year is about to start soon and some of us are starting their first year of college. More importantly, this is the start of back-to-school shopping! Even if you are a returning student, you might want something to help boost your morale this upcoming semester. In fact, I’m sure that those of us who are planning to commute or complete their degree online would like to have some nice, shiny new stuff to help them feel better about themselves. Still, college is expensive and you probably want to save money on the things you want to have money for the things you need, like food or textbooks. We’ve got you covered! Take a look at some of the best deals out there for dorm room decor and the best part is that we’ve made sure that all these deals are less than $50 at its base price.

BedShelfie Original Bedside Shelf

Bedside shelf


Price: $39.99

It can always help you wake up in the morning by having what you need right next to you when you wake up. Alternatively, it could be helpful to have a place to put your books and whatnot if you are pulling an all-nighter. All that and more can be accomplished with this new bedside shelf.

Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair

fur chair


Price: $39.99

Chairs are useful, but it can hurt sitting in one for too long. Still, chairs are practical and will always have their merits. These chairs combines all the benefits of a traditional chair with a bean bag chair! Funnily enough, the price seems to vary by color, with black serving as a base price.

Grumpy Cat Go Away Wall Poster


Price: $6.99

Look, it’s one of those internet things you can use to bond over with your new roommate! If all else fails, owning this is like never having to tell people to leave you alone! It does it for you! We all need our alone time. Also, keep in mind, the image seen above is cropped; the actual product has a short, subtle “Go Away” message attached.

Bedside Caddy Hanging Storage



Price: $24.99

If you are worried about accidentally knocking down your laptop off wherever you keep it in the night, this has got you covered. Added to that, this is the time of your life to just start getting organized!

Linenspa Reading Pillow



Price: $49.99

This isn’t just any pillow; its back and shoulder support will always help you to relax. It’s like a hug that is always there for you. Trust me, this is college. There will be times when you just need a hug. It also has a handle that lets you carry it around.

Intex Pull-out Chair Inflatable Bed

bed chair


Price: $35.77

We’ve all seen those couches that turn into beds. It’s certainly pragmatic, sure, but how are you getting all that in your dorm room? Simple, just downside into a chair! It’s short and simple and it’s the perfect way to save money on furniture. It’s two for the price of one! Alternatively, it’s a bed you’ll have on hand for guests!

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