Why Can’t Disney Come Up With New Material?

Disney is a place and name that brings a smile to all of our faces. We have all grown up on the famous red pant wearing mouse that oddly doesn’t wear a shirt. With the music, parks, characters, and movies, there is so much magic that comes out of Disney. But, is Disney losing that magic they once had?
Disney produced thousands of movies that were different from the rest, each one better than the other. Then there was Pixar, animation, Claymation, live action, they all created the magical world of Disney. But, there has been originality in the past few years. Which leads us to ask the question again, has Disney lost its original magic?


Don’t get us wrong; everyone loves the live action remakes of old Disney classics. But, that’s why we are asking the question. Disney has done so many live-action remakes and sequels, but where is the originality? We can’t complain too much because we got to see the development of our old childhood movies get a second one. Like the poorly done Finding Dory movie and the successful Incredible 2. Or the live action dark Beauty and The Beast that made Emma Watson look even more like Herminie Granger.
The upcoming Disney movies include the live action remakes of Dumbo and The Lion King. And the animation sequels of Frozen 2 and Ralph Breaks the Internet. And of course, we can’t forget the sad decision of Pixar coming out with a Toy Story 4, which they should have ended at Toy Story 2. Disney got a little creative with their live action movies with releases like Christopher Robin, Mary Poppins Returns, and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. But, again, where is the originality there? The Nutcracker is like the movie that will never die, break the stupid nutcracker already. Christopher Robin as an older man, a four-year-old could have created that idea. Mary Poppins was a good twist but, like all critiques ask, will Emily Blunt be as good as Julia Andrews? We have to wait and then find out if we are disappointed or not, Disney may surprise us.


We hope Disney does well in producing these movies, especially The Lion King, who doesn’t want to see Beyoncé on the big screen as a lion? And we also hope Emily Blunt does live up to the expectation of the Julia Andrews Mary Poppins; she did give us goosebumps during the teaser trailer.
Disney needs to step up their game with creativity. Sequels and remakes can help with getting money and attention from older fans, but it leaves them at a standstill pedestal. Disney, at one point, was at an incline for the income they had and the rise in popularity. But, if they stay with their lack of creativity Universal Studios and DreamWorks will catch up. Oh, who are we kidding, no one will ever touch Disney. They could do anything they want and still make money with their movies and merchandise. It’s Disney, we can bash on them for their lack of creativity, but they are still getting credit because we are talking about them. Once people stop talking about them, that’s when they need to start worrying.

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