Top 10 Richest YouTubers On Earth Right Now

If you are like most people today watching YouTube and continuously kicking yourself for not starting a YouTube channel. That would be us right now because these YouTube stars are making millions of dollars from just posting videos online. So simple a baby could do it. Literally, they could press a button and upload a video. And that’s what these celebrities do, they make millions every year from posting videos that they want to send out to the world. Then on top of that, they are asked by other organization for help to promote their brands and get offered to walk red carpets. They are stars because their child minds decided one day to post a video on YouTube. While we keep kicking ourselves, please enjoy the top ten richest YouTube celebrities.

Lilly Singh (iisuperwomanii) Net Worth: $10.5 Million

The only woman on the YouTube celebrity list and making some big bucks. Over ten million dollars and this is a person who deserves every penny. Lilly has us on the ground laughing thanks to her hilarious videos. Lilly has 13 million subscribers and counting while also having over 1 billion views. Lilly has upped her game by releasing films on YouTube Red and making cameos in the movie Bad Moms and in the Disney TV show Bizzardvark. To us, she really is a Superwoman.

Smosh Net Worth: $11 Million

Everyone knows Smosh, if you don’t, please do us all a favor and leave. Smosh first started as a duo, with Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The pair produced parody and slapstick videos that had our childlike minds cackling and wanting more. They first started the channel in 2005, it has grown since then getting over 22.8 billion subscribers and gaining 7 billion views. Unfortunately, Anthony Padilla did leave in 2017 to start his own separate channel. Our hearts are broken for the duo’s break up. But, their wallets are still full of their lovely income of $11 million. I think we would all hit our best friend with a car for that chunk of change.

Ryan Toysreview Net Worth: $11 Million

This one blows our minds because this is a six-year-old earning $11 million per year. This boy simply tests out toys, and he will get millions of views. He has over 10 million followers and is still growing, literally he is a growing boy. This is every child’s, wait, every human’s dream job. Play with toys and getting paid to do it. I’m starting to rethink my life choices.

Jake Paul Net Worth: $11.5 Million

Ah, one of the Paul brothers. We all have a mixed relationship with this family, but somehow Jake is able to make over $11 million per year. It goes to show you may be hated on the internet, but you will still get paid. Jake has gained over 14 million subscribers thanks to his vlogs, music, and comedy sketches. He was once on the Disney Channel show Bizzardvark but was let go because of his bad boy identity.

Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie) Net Worth: $12 Million
Probably the most well-known name on YouTube. A video game commentator who gets paid to talk while playing video games. The YouTube star has racked up 58 million subscribers, the highest of any YouTuber. He not only plays video games but also produced multiple series on YouTube Red and has written a book, This Book Loves You. The book sold over 112,00 copies. So, apparently playing a game and talking during it can make you money. Excuse us while we go attempt to do the same thing.

Mark Fischback (Markiplier) Net Worth: $12.5 Million

We have another gamer on the list. Seems like there is a trend here for making money. Play video games and post the videos online then instantly get paid millions of dollars. Mark has over 18 million subscribers on his channel. Some of his most famous videos are of him playing survival horror games. Mark has spread out to the acting field and is a current voice for the Cartoon Network Mexico series Villianous.

Logan Paul Net Worth: $12.5 Million

Another Paul brother, but probably the most hated Paul of them all. Logan Paul has 17 million subscribers and manages to make $12.5 million while being one of the most hated YouTubers on the internet. After his controversial Japanese suicide video, YouTube decided to drop ads from his videos and canceled his YouTube Red series. Because of his stupid mistakes that 12.5 number will probably drop down significantly in the next year if not, the world might be ending.

Dude Perfect Net Worth: $14 Million

Kids, can you say trick shot? That’s exactly what these dudes do. Twins Cory and Coby Cotton got together with three of their ex-high-school-basketball-teammates and decided to film a few sport trick shots. Mixing in some videos with a few comedy sketches, Dude Perfect has created a following of 24 million subscribers. With their popularity from YouTube, Nickelodeon decided to team up with them and create their very own TV show dedicated to them making trick shots.

Evan Fong (Vanossgaming) Net Worth: $15.5 Million

And we have another gamer. However, Evan is a different gamer than the ones listed above. Instead of throwing out hours of video content, he takes all the hilarious portions of his gaming and edits it all into one comedy segment of him playing his funniest moments. So forget about skipping to the funny parts, all of Evan’s videos are filled with laughter. Not only does Evan create videos he also is creating his own video game, but he also produces music. If that isn’t enough, he has his own original series on YouTube Red, Paranormal Action Squad.

Daniel Middleton (Dantdm) Net Worth: $16.5 Million
The number one spot goes to Daniel Middleton or Dantdm who is, you guessed it, another gamer. More famous for his Minecraft videos, most of Daniel’s income comes from his graphic novel, touring, original series on YouTube Red, and acting credits. It doesn’t stop us from wanting to trade lives with him, he still makes $16.5 million per year. This is the time we wish our fairy godmothers come and allow us to switch lives with someone.

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