Facebook Plane React: How To Get Emoji & Must-See Details




Facebook has released a new react emoji: a plane reaction emoji that first appeared to Facebook users on July 31. At this time, the plane react emoji is already confirmed to work on Android. During the time of its release, there were also reports of a few similar new reaction emojis released around the same time, too.

How do you get the new emoji?

You’ll first need to update your Facebook app if you do not already have the latest version. Just go to Settings under the Google Play store. This should give you the option to auto-update apps. Also, remember that data charges may apply.
Once you have the latest version of the app, make sure you clear cache. Once you do this, the plane reaction should be presented as one of your options when you hold down on the thumbs up or like emoji. According to 8Shit, some users see an angry face emoji instead of a plane emoji; if that is the case, hit the second angry face and the plane emoji will be added, although you might have to repeat the process to get the plane emoji again.

Is the plane react emoji the only surprise?

According to a Reddit discussion concerning the new emoji, there have been people claiming that there is also a new fire reaction emoji that has been found by people looking for the new plane react emoji.
Some of these users have shared screenshots of this mysterious new emoji, with multiple users supposedly confirming its existence, but it is unconfirmed if it has been released at this time. Due to the screenshots, it is unlikely that people were mistakenly referring to the angry face emoji as a fire react emoji. In addition, some users claimed that they were able to have both the plane and fire react emojis.

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