Here Are The Must-Have Items You Need To Get The Perfect Freshman Dorm Room

Attention, all incoming freshmen, please listen up. We have an important announcement for you regarding your dorm rooms. You all suck at coming prepared. You think you have everything, but you really don’t. But, have no fear we’ve got you covered. Just read our checklist, and you will find how easy moving day will be. Warning, moving day will be busy and time-consuming. You may throw out your back moving your mini fridge. And be prepared for all elevators to be broken down, causing you to have to walk up ten flights of stares.

First is the bed. We are not talking about the comforter and how pretty it needs to be, or how many pillows you need. One pillow and a plane comforter are enough. But, it’s about the sheets and the mattress pad. Starting with the sheets, it is best to purchase two sets of sheets. It may be even better for you to buy three. This will help you with washing your sheets. Take your sheets off, put them in the laundry, and while they wash put on the new sheets. Simple and easy. As for the mattress pad, get one! If you don’t, prepare for a very stiff back until graduation. You will thank us later for this advice.

Next are the fans and heaters. Depending on where you attend college, you are probably going to be faced with some heat.
Enter the wonderful invention, the fan. One that will help you cool down in the overly hot weather you are stuck in for the next four years. To save money, purchase a cheap fan and, if possible, get two.
For the heaters, that is a bit tricky. Most colleges do not allow heaters because they are a fire hazard. The ones that you can use are the expensive fans that turn into heaters. This is where you put on your best puppy dog face to your parents to buy you the really expensive dual heater and fan.

Entertainment is your best friend in college. You can get your TVs and gaming consoles, but those are a pretty obvious thing to bring to college. What we are talking about are headphones. There are two reasons why you need headphones. One, it helps you ignore your loud roommate who is talking to their significant other or arguing with their parents. Two, it hides whatever you are listening to from your roommate. Yes, we just helped you find a way to watch Pornhub safely. But, please, if you are one of those who has Bluetooth headphones, turn the Bluetooth off before watching anything.

Our next piece of advice for your dorm room is more for those who don’t like their roommate. Get tape, more specifically painters tape. This is to help show your roommate where they are off limits too. Tape off your side of the room and make a rule to make them not cross that tape line. This is a bit over the top, but trust us knowing there are some awful roommates you will come face to face too.

Now, we know there is more to get for your dorm room, but these were the essential things to get. Go buy your posters and decorations, but please take our advice for moving into your dorm room. You will see why we recommend these items to every freshman. Sophomores know what we are talking about because they didn’t have our helpful advice. You all do, so be smart and take our advice.

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