When Comic-Con Gets To Be Too Much To Handle

Let’s face it, sometimes comic con can get a little too weird. Think about it like Christmas traditions. Sometimes the same thing for ten plus years can get repetitive or boring. Repetition can be at comic con, but it can also be the people that attend. Sometimes costumes can get over extravagant, or there are too many people crammed into one area. This can be a disaster waiting to happen. The ticking time bomb is ready to explode by the end of the week. If you are confused, allow me to explain.


Comic-Con can be a great place to be at, there are comic books, celebrities, and costumes. But, sometimes the costumes can get pushed to their highest limits. Meaning, you may find your larger men in a Princess Leia gold bikini or the half-naked man or woman in a Wonder Woman costume. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. It’s like poison for the eyes, and it will forever stay in your memory until death.
Another part of Comic-Con that just puts people in a place of dislike is the crowds. The convention floor or exhibit hall is like a giant pit at a concert. Sweaty people are smashed together trying to get to different booths. Mix this enormous group of people with costumes and fake weapons. Sometimes when you are squeezing by each person, you may get a giant sponge bath of sweat to the face. Such a lovely and salty feeling.
And if those two reasons for proving my point, here is one more. Imagine walking through a crowd and being bumped with a stroller or wheelchair. It’s not your fault, they are the ones who hit you and yet they still scream at you for being in the way. These people use their disability or child as an excuse to squeeze through crowded areas and not be scolded.


If you have been to SDCC or any other comic book convention and know other annoying things that pop up, let us know. We only explained three, we definitely missed a few. These are just the ones that seem the most annoying and stupid out of any we could think of or find. Now, don’t believe this is a bash on Comic-Con, it’s just a fair warning what you will get yourself into when attending a comic book convention.

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