John Cowell Photos: Full Story Of BART Stabbing Suspect

UPDATE: It was confirmed on Monday night that 27-year-old John Lee Conwell was taken into police custody just after 6:45 p.m.

John Cowell has been identified as the suspect who fatally stabbed 18-year-old Nia Wilson and injured her 20-year-old sister Tashiya late Sunday night after they got off of a BART train in Oakland at the MacArthur Station. Nia died from the attack, while her sister was transported to the local hospital in critical condition.
From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Ebony Monroe, a cousin of the victims, described Wilson as a “beautiful, sweet person” who loved her cousins, fashion and doing makeup. Monroe said Wilson had a boyfriend who drowned in a lake two years ago, and that she was celebrating his birthday on Sunday.“She needs her justice … she was just an innocent kid, and she didn’t deserve this.” Monroe said. “And he did this for no reason.”Monroe said a witness described the suspect as coming “out of nowhere.”

BART police released photos of Cowell on social media.

A manhunt was immediately underway, with investigators combing through security footage for any possible leads. The suspect was initially described as a heavyset white male around 5-foot-9 who is believed to be in his 20s or 30s.
“If you’re in the Oakland/Berkeley area be alert of your surroundings. A white male 5’9 with spiked hair on the side stabbed 2 sisters on Bart at MacArthur station the police are yet to catch him,” one Twitter user wrote.
Shortly after noon ET, BART police found a knife at a construction site near the MacArthur station where the attack took place. There search continued into the evening until the suspect was located.

Elissa Harrington, a reporter at KTVU in the Bay Area, shared a close-up photo of the knife though it was unknown whether it was used in the attack at the time it was discovered.
The attack was believed to be random, and there is currently no motive for the attack.

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