BART Stabbing: Full Story Of MacArthur Station Stabbing In Oakland

A fatal stabbing in Oakland, Calif. has show down the MacArthur station on the BART system. One of the two young women stabbed passed away following the attack, while the second was transported to the hospital in stable condition. The suspect in the attack, who has been described as a white male, remains at large. Police have been reviewing security cameras and searching for further evidence on the train and platform, according to BART police chief Carlos Rojas.

The train station shut down following the attack due to police activity just before 10:00 p.m. local time. BART officials announced the closing of the station on social media.

“If you’re in the Oakland/Berkeley area be alert of your surroundings. A white male 5’9 with spiked hair on the side stabbed 2 sisters on Bart at MacArthur station the police are yet to catch him,” one Twitter user wrote.
The deceased victim was reportedly an 18-year-old woman, while her 20-year-old sister was also injured in the attack. The victim’s name is Nia Wilson, according to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle.
KPIX-5, the San Francisco-Bay Area local CBS affiliate, added the following:

Transit officials said the station, a major BART transfer point, would remain closed for the rest of the evening, but would likely reopen for the morning commute. Mutual aid is being provided by AC Transit. Bus 51A from 19th St. and Rockridge at Broadway and Bus 18 from Shattuck to Macarthur.

Marc Cota-Robles of ABC 7 added, “LAPD officers are searching for suspect at The Plaza apartment complex on Woodman Ave in Sherman Oaks; asking all residents to stay inside.”

Our deepest condolences are with the family during this horrific time.
This is a developing story. More information will be added as soon as it becomes available. 

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