Top 5 High School Stereotypes To Avoid

We all had the weird social groups in high school that we tried to avoid. Some of these groups are made fun of on TV and in movies. We hate to admit which ones we belonged to, especially the ones that you make fun of today. Some of you were in the groups that peaked in high school because of your social classes. Others who stayed under the radar of social stupidity and are making improvements in their lives and probably the world, aka the ones who will finally invent the time machine. Whichever stereotype group you fit into remember, we all grow up someday. If you haven’t already, we suggest you try to be an adult. Here are our five high school stereotypes we all did our best to avoid.

The Stoner

If none of you know who the stoner kids are, you must have been homeschooled. To them, all problems can disappear when they smoke a joint. These students were chill and enjoyed their time when high off their ass. They will be your go-to friend as long as you don’t bring up any negative subjects. All they want is peace and love, and lots of weed.

The Overachiever

Let’s be real here if you were an overachiever you had no life. All you focused on was how you could turn your A into an A+. It was your goal to become valedictorian even if it meant that you couldn’t have a social life. You took all the AP classes and used your after-school free time to rack up hours of community service. This doesn’t mean you aren’t going to achieve in life or end up alone. You will be very successful, but you may have a mental breakdown in your thirties.

The Dumb Jock

The only piece of clothing they owned was their lettermen’s jacket. It’s like the security blanket that protects them from homework and bad grades. Most jocks get away with everything with their pea-sized brains. The only thing inside their tiny excuse for a brain is two sayings, “sports are fun” and “pretty girl.” If you are one of these dumb jocks, you may want to ask your parents if you were dropped as a child. Chances are you there is a significant head sized dent on the kitchen floor you never noticed.

The Overly Nice Nerd

There should be no flack on this person. These are the students who helped you with your homework, always had an extra seat open at lunch and always said hi in the hallways. Your day would instantly turn around when you saw this person. You would be an awful person if you said something wrong about this person. Whoever bullied the sweet nerd should stand in the corner and take a timeout.

The Mean Girl

Everyone’s hated girl in high school. The hot, clever, overconfident student every girl wants to be, and every guy wants to get into her pants. And the worst part is, she knows how hot she is which makes every girl cry in how ugly they are, compared to her. Now, to those who were the mean girls in high school, you probably fell flat on your fake boobs and second nose job when entering college. Make sure to look both ways before crossing the street because the karma bus will hit you just like it did Regina George.

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