How To Avoid Annoying Summer Habits: Must-See Tips & Tricks

Summer it the season to enjoy your free time. No more school work, classes, and annoying professors. Sorry for those of you who have a job or are doing summer, you have no summer. But, for those of you who do have a summer you need to live it up and make it better than the last. Don’t waste it, because in the blink of an eye you are back sleeping in your college class. Here are our tips and tricks for avoiding lousy summer habits.


Winter is over and its time to take those pale bodies and cook them to a beautiful medium color. However, some people are so eager to get a tan they forget an essential tool for tanning. Sunscreen. Don’t lather up but put a nice thin layer where you aren’t walking around town looking like a tomato. Also, don’t focus on one side of your body. Some people forget to flip over. So, set a timer. Twenty minutes each side should be good enough for a nice tan. Try your best, or you will start burning. If you want to stay out longer, add another layer of sunscreen or face the facts that you will be walking like a long-legged penguin the next day.


A lot of people can be forgetful when it comes to showering in the summer. The new TV series gets, or your friends invite you out to a last minute outing. Whatever causes you to forget a shower, please recognize that you aren’t just hurting yourself you are burning everyone’s noses around you. Do us all a favor and take five minutes to scrub down the gym locker that is under your armpits. Or invest in something called deodorant. You will be saving a lot of noses if you take the time to shower.

Sleeping In & Staying Up Late

It’s not rocket science. When you stay up late, you will sleep in, unless you have some sleeping problem. Which, if you do, we are very sorry you can’t enjoy the peacefulness of sleep. Now for those of you who can sleep, start setting the alarm in the morning. You don’t want to sleep the day away. You end up missing the best part of summer, the sun. Don’t let the moon become your best friend. If you wake up early, you will be tired at a reasonable time to go to bed. It only takes about three to four days to get your body use to waking up and going to bed early. Try it, and you will thank us.

Mindlessly Eating

The joys of summer are the fun cookouts and copious amounts of baked goods. Winter is known as fluffing season, don’t make summer the same way. Some of you have worked hard to get your summer body don’t let it go to waste. If you know you are going to be eating a lot in one day, eat a little less the day before or the day after. Even better, work out the day you know you are going to be eating a little more than usual. But, we aren’t stopping you from stuffing your faces with chocolate and chips. Just be careful on how much you eat.

Binge Watching

Everyone loves their Netflix nights. Those long night of watching every season of your favorite TV show can be a lot of fun. But, it does put you in a situation of becoming a vampire who hates the sunlight. Don’t be a vampire, go out and enjoy the sun with your friends. If you do want to watch a new TV series, allow yourself to watch one new episode a day. That way you can enjoy your summer while also keeping up with who is hooking up with who and who is next to die.

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