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Emily Henderson, a Texas woman, claims she was dragged out of her car by the manager and staff of the Luminous Nails and Spa in San Antonio, Texas, on Saturday, July 7.
Henderson claims that she had to leave the left Luminous Nails and Spa in San Antonio because of the quality of service and how the manager had treated her. As she was leaving, she claims that the same manager — referred to a Gia — and other staff dragged her out of her truck before police arrived.
“All she kept saying was ‘Pay me. Pay me. Pay me. We did your nails you need to pay us,'” Henderson told KSAT.
In addition to the manager, Henderson claims that four other nail technicians, including the manager’s son, came outside and tried to remove her from her vehicle. She claims that the manager’s son eventually managed to get her out of the truck, causing her to fall hard on her back on the pavement.
via KSAT:

The manager grabbed her leg and tried to pull her out of the truck, she said. Henderson says she told the woman to let go. When the manager continued to tug on her leg, Henderson said she used her other leg to kick her in the stomach and the face, busting open the other woman’s lip.
After the kicks, Henderson said more women swarmed out of the nail salon, some of whom tried to help drag her out, too. A man with them was eventually able to yank her out of the truck and onto the ground, Henderson said. Henderson said she scared them off by bringing out her phone – all except the manager who Henderson said grabbed her necklace.
“And that’s when she tells me, ‘I’m going to yank this off if you don’t pay me,'” Henderson said. Soon after, Henderson said her husband, with whom she had been Facetiming, and police arrived at the salon. When KSAT went to Luminous Nails and Spa on Sunday, the same manager refused to say much about her side of events.
“Anybody can talk anything if they wanted to. So I don’t have anything to say,” the woman said. Henderson also gave KSAT screenshots of a Facebook comment from a user, whom Henderson says was one of the salon employees involved.

After the incident, Henderson posted a since-deleted review on the salon’s Facebook page, prompting one of the employees to respond, saying that the manager did not drag Henderson out of the car but merely ‘stood there’ as Henderson began kicking her.
“It’s like eating your food half-way in and saying it’s disgusting but you still have to pay for that food,” the Luminous Nails and Spa employee wrote.

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