Top 5 Videos That Will Make You Cry After Watching

Have you found yourself scrolling through random videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site? There is always one that touches on your emotions and makes a few tears fall from your eyes. These videos could be of death, life, love, or family. Whatever it may be, it pulls at our heartstrings causing us to cry. Sometimes we cry in sadness, but most of these videos are full of happiness and love. Here are our top five videos that will make you cry after watching.

Random Act Of Kindness

This video teaches you a lesson about how simple acts of kindness will give you the best gift in the world. You may not get a million-dollar gift, but the gift of happiness from others and satisfaction is worth much more than money. Take this video and learn from it. Do something for someone, whether that’s holding a door open or buying someone lunch. It only takes a few minutes of your time, maybe even a few seconds. Do something kind and see how you feel. After you watch this video and cry, you will want to buy someone a car.

Why You Should Visit Your Family

The man in this video was smart and gave us a bit of a laugh. Tears may be shed; however, it makes you think about how often you visit your family. It teaches you a lesson about how important it is to stay connected with your family. Eventually, they are going to be gone. Might as well spend as much time with them while they are still alive. Watching this video makes you want to plan your next trip to see your family.

Extra Gum Commercial

The famous gum commercial that brings out all the feels. Who knew a love story could be created using gum rappers? The ending get’s us all the time. With the song and the story, anytime the commercial came on you had to grab a box of tissues. The tears would fall and fall. And it was all because of a gum commercial.

Any Pregnancy Announcement

The emotional videos of watching a couple tell their parents they are having a baby make you feel so happy inside that you don’t realize you are crying. And it isn’t just announced to the parents; it’s the husband announcements. The shocked faces and excitement are so captivating you have to remind yourself that it’s just a video. There is no specific video to this because there are so many we can’t choose only one.

Returning Home

If you don’t cry during these videos, you have no soul. Returning home videos are like emotions on steroids. Imagine one of your loved ones that you haven’t seen in a long time, and they come to surprise you. Of course, you are going to cry! You are dead inside if you don’t cry. Even though they aren’t our families reuniting they never fail to make us cry.

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