World UFO Day: Facts & Must-See Holiday Details

There are holidays for just about everything these days. Which is fitting because there’s a lot to celebrate. This is objectively the best time in which to be alive; we have the best technology, the best healthcare and the best culture of any civilization in human history. Our world is so good that some people believe that aliens have secretly been prepping us to take the great leap towards interstellar travel. And for those people, there’s the international holiday called World UFO Day.

What Is World UFO Day

Depending on which denomination of UFO-truther you fall under, World UFO Day is either a remembrance of Kenneth Arnold’s first official report of seeing an ‘unidentified flying object’ or a celebration of the famous Roswell Incident which is widely considered to be a key moment of supposed contact between humans and Extra Terrestrials. Most people tend to fall into the latter category.

World UFO Day 2018 Date

World UFO Day takes place every year on July 2nd to commemorate the hypothetical alien ship crash in Roswell New Mexico in 1947. For those who consider Arnold’s report to be the definitive moment of alien discovery, the date to celebrate is June 24th.

World UFO Day Meaning

The point of World UFO Day is to raise awareness of various UFO sightings, encourage the widespread declassification and transparency of any and all official information concerning the potential existence of life beyond earth and, perhaps above all, promote the “undoubted existence of UFOs.”

World UFO Day Activities

Needless to say, there’s a huge congregation of alien truthers that descends upon Roswell every year to celebrate the day. There are also a few similar assemblies around the world where significant alien sightings have taken place. If this sounds like your cup of tea, there are ways you can get in touch with your local chapter of UFOers for carpools, group trips or just shared rides.

World UFO Day Impact

It’s hard to say what kind of impact the actual holiday has had on people’s perspective on the existence of aliens, but the Roswell Incident has been invaluable as a pop and cult culture phenomenon that has been the inspiration of several movies, television shows, comics, books and even radio shows. Basically, the incident itself and surrounding hysteria have become something of a touchstone that captured the feeling of an entire era of macabre fascination.

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