We've Got Some UFO News Coming Out Of Arizona

Look, I get really excited about any and all alien news, so please do not ask me how much time I spent making the lead image for this article. It is what it is. On to the aliens. *Jerry Seinfeld Voice*: “So, what’s the deal with aliens?”
I’ll tell you what the deal with aliens are: they have visited us before and will do so again. That’s why I get so hyped when I see alien stories in the mass media because its so rare for stories of the unknown to make it that far into the mainstream.
According to reports from the Huffington Post, citing The Drive, pilots of two different aircrafts reported a UFO high over southern Arizona last month. One of the pilots — a commercial pilot flying a passenger jet for American Airlines — said the object “was above 40,000 feet” and “had a big reflection.” He said he could not make out what the object was but it “had a big reflection” and was going in the opposite direction.
via Huffington Post:

Pilots on two separate aircraft reported an unidentified flying object high over southern Arizona last month. One of them, a commercial pilot flying a passenger jet for American Airlines, said the object was above 40,000 feet and “had a big reflection.”
The Feb. 24th incident began when the pilot of a Learjet reported an object to Albuquerque Center air traffic control while flying over the desert in southeastern Arizona. The reported altitude would put the UFO well above the range of consumer drones. Yet the vague nature of the sightings doesn’t completely rule out balloons or experimental aircraft.
The sightings occurred near the Davis–Monthan Air Force Base, and about 100 miles from Luke Air Force Base. Several other bases are within 500 miles. However, Lunsford implied that air traffic controllers would likely know if there was military aircraft in the air.

As all of my fellow alien buffs will have likely released by now, the location of these UFO sightings was approximately 500 miles west of the 1947 UFO “crash” at Roswell, New Mexico.
You can listen to the full audio of the pilot’s unidentified flying object report over on The Drive.

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