Downey Motel Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Details

Two people have been killed after a shooting outside a motel in Downey, California. While officials have identified one suspect connected to the incident, they say that they are also looking for two other persons of interest.

What happened?

According to ABC 7, officials have named one suspect involved with the case as Raymond Penland. The two victims who lost their lives in the shooting were both identified as men but their names have not been released to the public. Police have also stated that they are looking for two women who have been identified as “persons of interest” in the case.
With the shooting taking place outside Rick’s Motel near Woodruff Avenue and Firestone Boulevard, one victim was found outside the motel while the other was found in the rear parking lot. According to CBS Los Angeles, the two were found dead at the scene. At this time, police do not have a motive for the shooting.
As this story is developing, more information will be updated as made available.

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