I Can't Wait For Rick Grimes To Die

News broke yesterday that Andrew Lincoln — the star of AMC’s hit (?) series The Walking Dead — would be leaving the show during its upcoming 9th season. Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, has been the main character and star of the show since it’s premiere way back in 2010. But a lot, I mean a lot, has changed since then, first and foremost, the quality of the show.
The Walking Dead STINKS now, and if you feel any other way, then you’re likely just a fanboy homer. And that’s okay, but deep down, even you know the show has been a steaming pile of garbage for about three years now. And the reason for the show’s drop in quality is that it became both predictable and repetitive.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the typical Walking Dead episode, this is how it goes (all of them, every single episode is like this):
Which is why I CANNOT wait for Rick Grimes to finally die (which he is definitely going to, since survival is not really an option on this show): A) the episode where he does finally kick the bucket will be EPIC and B) Grimes’ death will force the show in a new, hopefully better, direction.
Will The Walking Dead be able to survive Lincoln’s departure? Probably not, considering he’s the only one with any star power on the show. Uproxx suggests that Norman Reedus — who plays Rick’s trusty right-hand man Daryl — could be in line to take over the reigns as the lead character. Now, while Daryl may be a fan favorite, he’s certainly no star, and I think that a show already suffering will only suffer more without its hero: Rick Grimes.

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